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Nitra is situated on seven hills on both sides of the river Nitra. Because of its strategic geographic location. Nitra was first time mentioned in 871 - 873 AD in the document „Conversio Bagoariorum et Carantanorum“ and is known as the place where the first Christian church was built in the year 828 on the present-day Slovak territory. Cyril and Methodius, the patron saints of Europe, preached here and in 880 the fi rst Slavic diocese was established here. During the Great Moravian Empire one of the largest settlements in Central Europe, it remained an important centre of commerce until the late Habsburg Empire. The old town and the castle which was the largest one in Slovakia, introduce us to the local history; scores of sacred monuments refl ect the Christian history. Nitra is the seat of various institutions, universities, theatres and museums and a well-known location of fairs as well as a modern centre of industries. Every year a wide range of social, cultural and sports events attract a multitude of visitors.


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Nitra Castle: 

The old town (Staré Mesto) is dominated by the castle (Hrad), which is one of the most interesting ancient structures in Slovakia. Archeological findings in the past decades indicate that a large fortified castle had already stood here at the time of Samo's Empire, in the seventh century. Recent archaeological findings prove the existence of a church from the ninth century beneath the more recent Gothic St. Emmeram's Cathedral. The construction of the stone castle began during the 9th century during the reign of the Prince of Nitra Svätopluk. The castle currently serves as the seat of one of Roman Catholic bishoprics in Slovakia, which was founded in 880 as the first bishopric of western and eastern Slavs, which continued its existence since then, with the break from the 10th century until around 1110.



The most popular destination of rambles in the Zobor Mountains is Pyramída, which is by mistake quite often considered to be Zobor. They are separated by a significant mountain saddle. A recommended starting point of a walking tour to Pyramída is Zobor Sanatorium, where from a blue trail leads up to the peak.